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School Of Rock

Gillian Lynne Theatre, Drury Lane, London

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It’s School of Rock! The Broadway version of this brand new musical, based on the hit movie, has Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes to thank for its broad people-appeal. They’re both involved in the production, a considerable theatrical accolade in itself.

If you loved the antics of Jack Black in the movie, you’ll enjoy the musical theatre version even more. Worldwide the film grossed more than a hundred and thirty-one million US dollars. And it held sway for years as the biggest-grossing comedy movie of all time, until it was finally overtaken in 2015 by Pitch Perfect. Now, this hugely popular story takes to the stage.

School of Rock musical – The story

The plot follows the struggling rock singer and guitarist, Dewey Finn. He’s been kicked out of his own rock band because of his ridiculous on-stage antics and he’s at a loose end, bored and broke. When he decides to disguise himself as a substitute teacher at a prestigious private school, all hell lets loose.

Dewey’s students are a talented musical bunch and Dewey encourages them to form a rock band. But his motivation is far from honourable – with a bit of luck his fourth graders will beat the favourites, his old band No Vacancy, and win the Battle of the Bands contest. And he’ll be able to pay his rent.

This is a comedy and, of course, everything goes horribly pear-shaped. But despite a series of madcap misadventures and total disasters, Dewey eventually proves that there’s no stopping the school of rock.

No matter what your age, if you’ve ever fancied playing in a rock band you’ll be totally inspired by the amazingly talented band of youngsters who form the stage band. You’ll go home singing, thanks to fourteen brand new show tunes by Lloyd Webber and a host more original songs from the movie.

If you like nothing better than a big, bold musical comedy with a warm heart, this ones for you.

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