Rugby World Cup Tickets, Japan 2019

RWC Tournament Dates 20th September (Fri) – 2nd November (Sat), 2019

Hosted once every four years, the Rugby World Cup is rugby’s centrepiece event. It is the big stage that rugby players from all over the world dream of reaching. Held over the course of seven weeks, it is the 3rd largest sports event in the world after the Summer Olympics and the Football World Cup.

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Fri 20 Sept 18:30 Opening Ceremony Tokyo Stadium

Match #, Date, K.O., (Pool), Match
1 Fri 20 Sept 19:45 (A) Japan v Russia Tokyo Stadium
2 Sat 21 Sept 13:45 (D) Australia v Fiji Sapporo Dome
3 Sat 21 Sept 16:15 (C) France v Argentina Tokyo Stadium
4 Sat 21 Sept 18:45 (B) New Zealand v South Africa International Stadium Yokohama
5 Sun 22 Sept 14:15 (B) Italy v Namibia Hanazono Rugby Stadium
6 Sun 22 Sept 16:45 (A) Ireland v Scotland International Stadium Yokohama
7 Sun 22 Sept 19:15 (C) England v Tonga Sapporo Dome
8 Mon 23 Sept 19:15 (D) Wales v Georgia City of Toyota Stadium
9 Tues 24 Sept 19:15 (A) Russia v Samoa Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
10 Wed 25 Sept 14:15 (D) Fiji v Uruguay Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
11 Thurs 26 Sept 16:45 (B) Italy v Canada Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
12 Thurs 26 Sept 19:45 (C) England v USA Kobe Misaki Stadium
13 Sat 28 Sept 13:45 (C) Argentina v Tonga Hanazono Rugby Stadium
14 Sat 28 Sept 16:15 (A) Japan v Ireland Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
15 Sat 28 Sept 18:45 (B) South Africa v Namibia City of Toyota Stadium
16 Sun 29 Sept 14:15 (D) Georgia v Uruguay Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
17 Sun 29 Sept 16:45 (D) Australia v Wales Tokyo Stadium
18 Mon 30 Sept 19:15 (A) Scotland v Samoa Kobe Misaki Stadium
19 Wed 02 Oct 16:45 (C) France v USA Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
20 Wed 02 Oct 19:15 (B) New Zealand v Canada Oita Stadium
21 Thurs 03 Oct 14:15 (D) Georgia v Fiji Hanazono Rugby Stadium
22 Thurs 03 Oct 19:15 (A) Ireland v Russia Kobe Misaki Stadium
23 Fri 04 Oct 18:45 (B) South Africa v Italy Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
24 Sat 05 Oct 14:15 (D) Australia v Uruguay Oita Stadium
25 Sat 05 Oct 17:00 (C) England v Argentina Tokyo Stadium
26 Sat 05 Oct 19:30 (A) Japan v Samoa City of Toyota Stadium
27 Sun 06 Oct 13:45 (B) New Zealand v Namibia Tokyo Stadium
28 Sun 06 Oct 16:45 (C) France v Tonga Kumamoto Stadium
29 Tues 08 Oct 19:15 (B) South Africa v Canada Kobe Misaki Stadium
30 Wed 09 Oct 13:45 (C) Argentina v USA Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
31 Wed 09 Oct 16:15 (A) Scotland v Russia Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
32 Wed 09 Oct 18:45 (D) Wales v Fiji Oita Stadium
33 Fri 11 Oct 19:15 (D) Australia v Georgia Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
34 Sat 12 Oct 13:45 (B) New Zealand v Italy City of Toyota Stadium
35 Sat 12 Oct 17:15 (C) England v France International Stadium Yokohama
36 Sat 12 Oct 19:45 (A) Ireland v Samoa Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
37 Sun 13 Oct 12:15 (B) Namibia v Canada Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
38 Sun 13 Oct 14:45 (C) USA v Tonga Hanazono Rugby Stadium
39 Sun 13 Oct 17:15 (D) Wales v Uruguay Kumamoto Stadium
40 Sun 13 Oct 19:45 (A) Japan v Scotland International Stadium Yokohama
41 Sat 19 Oct 16:15 QF1: W Pool C v RU Pool D Oita Stadium
42 Sat 19 Oct 19:15 QF2: W Pool B v RU Pool A Tokyo Stadium
43 Sun 20 Oct 16:15 QF3: W Pool D v RU Pool C Oita Stadium
44 Sun 20 Oct 19:15 QF4: W Pool A v RU Pool B Tokyo Stadium
45 Sat 26 Oct 17:00 SF1: W QF1 v W QF2 International Stadium Yokohama
46 Sun 27 Oct 18:00 SF2: W QF3 v W QF4 International Stadium Yokohama
47 Fri 01 Nov 18:00 Bronze Final Tokyo Stadium
48 Sat 02 Nov 18:00 Final International Stadium Yokohama

Sapporo City
Sapporo City
Iwate Prefecture, Kamaishi City
Iwate Prefecture, Kamaishi City
Saitama Prefecture, Kumagaya City
Saitama Prefecture, Kumagaya City
Tokyo Metropolitan
Tokyo Metropolitan
Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City

Shizuoka Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City

Osaka Prefecture, Higashi-Osaka City

Kobe City

Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City

Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto City

Oita Prefecture



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