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12 April 2025

The Grand National 2025

Aintree Racecourse, Ormskirk Rd, Liverpool L9 5AS

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Envision a scene where the excitement is palpable, and the stakes are as high as the spirits of those around you. The Grand National is not just any horse racing event; it’s a testament to the thrill and glamour that only such a prestigious occasion can offer.

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THE GRAND NATIONALDiscover the Grand National

• Event Insight: Acquire tickets to witness the Grand National, a challenging and enthralling four-mile race that tests the prowess of horse and jockey alike. This legendary event captivates a worldwide audience, solidifying its status as a premier racing event.
• Exclusive Experience: Purchase your pass to a world where each race day is filled with fashion, prestige, and social opportunities, making it perfect for networking and indulging in a luxurious day out.

Key Dates for the Grand National

• Event Timing: Secure your plans by noting that the Grand National is held annually in early April. Keep abreast of the specific dates to enhance your experience.
• Daily Themes: Each day of the Grand National Festival offers a unique theme, culminating in the grand finale on Saturday. Procure your tickets for one day or opt for a multi-day experience to fully immerse yourself in the festivities.

Options for Grand National Day Tickets

• Ticket Selection: Whether you’re looking to mingle with the crowds or prefer the exclusivity of a private box, there is a range of ticket options to suit your preferences.
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Secure Your Grand National Tickets at Ticketstosee.com

The Grand National Dates

Prepare for the thrill of a lifetime at the Grand National, held at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. This prestigious event, known for its challenging course and vibrant atmosphere, draws spectators and participants worldwide.

The 2025 Grand National will take place on April 12th, with the festival kicking off on April 10th. Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, understanding the event’s schedule, ticket options, and venue details is critical to maximizing your experience.

Event Overview

Event Name: The Grand National
Dates: The main event is on April 12th, 2025.
Venue: Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool
Festival Dates: April 10th – 12th, 2025

Daily Schedule:

• Opening Day (April 10th): Gates open at 11 am, races from 1.45 pm
• Ladies Day (April 11th): Gates open at 10 am, races from 1.45 pm
• Grand National Day (April 12th): Gates open at 10 am, races start at 1.20 pm, main race at 4 pm

New Safety Measures: To enhance safety, the number of runners has been reduced from 40 to 34. Additional measures include a closer first fence and a standing start to slow initial speeds.

grand national tickets

Ticket Information

Types of Tickets and Pricing:
• Festival Zone: Starting at £35, it offers live entertainment and views of the parade ring but has limited racecourse access.
• West Tip Seats: Starting at £50, includes covered seating near the final fences, private bar, and toilets.
• Earl of Derby and Lord Sefton Terraces: These terraces offer prime views of the parade and winners’ enclosure, starting at £40.
• Garden Club: Starting at £75, offers a private bar with balcony views.
• Queen Mother and Lord Daresbury Roofs: Premium views near the finishing post, starting from £85.
• Princess Royal and Earl of Derby Upper Seats: Views of the closing stages of races, starting at £60.
• Platinum Lounge: Exclusive access with complimentary race card, starting at £120.

Corporate Hospitality at the Grand National:

Packages start at £395 per person, including admission, food, and drink.

Getting to Aintree

By Car: Aintree is accessible via the A59, close to M57 and M58.
By Train: Merseyrail provides frequent services between Liverpool City Centre and Aintree.
By Bus: Services 300, 310, and 345 connect Liverpool to Aintree.

Why Tickets to the Grand National Are in High Demand

The Grand National’s unique blend of sports, culture, and fashion makes it highly sought-after. Compared to the overwhelming demand, the limited capacity ensures that tickets are sold quickly, often pre-sold to fan clubs and sponsors.

Enclosure Locations and Views

The variety of ticket options provides a range of viewing experiences, from ground-level excitement near the tracks to elevated panoramic views from exclusive lounges.

National Hunt Fan Essentials

First-Timer Tips: Familiarize yourself with event protocols, dress codes, and what to bring to enhance your experience.

Whether planning to experience the Grand National for the first time or returning for another unforgettable year, understanding the event’s layout, ticket options, and access points will help ensure a spectacular visit.

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Grand National 2025 Dates

Opening Day Aintree Racecourse
Aintree Racecourse
Grand National Thursday 10 April 2025
Thursday at Aintree racecourse marks the opening day of the three-day meeting. This is a favourite amongst passionate racing enthusiasts.

Grand National Ladies Day
Aintree Racecourse
Friday 11 April 2025
Ladies’ Day at Aintree racecourse is one of the most glamorous race meetings on the calendar, where racegoers arrive dressed to impress for this showpiece social event.

Grand National Day
Aintree Racecourse
Saturday 12April 2025
This is quite simply one of the biggest and most exciting sporting occasions in existence, attracting hundreds of millions of viewers around the World.


West Tip Seats
Princess Royal Seats and Gallery
Princess Royal Roof
Platinum Lounge
Queen Mother Seats
Queen Mother Roof
Earl of Derby Upper Seats
Earl of Derby Lower Seats
Earl of Derby Terrace
Lord Daresbury Roof
Lord Sefton Upper Seats
Lord Sefton Lower Seats
Lord Sefton Terrace

Aintree tickets are available as follows:

Princess Royal Stand, Seats: these are always in demand; these seats offer excellent views overlooking the home straight. However, enhancements to the seats make this enclosure one of the most sought-after places on the racecourse at Aintree. The enhancements include a newly extended and refurbished lounge with Champagne and Seafood concessions.

The stand is between the Chair and the Water Jump and offers a premium view of the final 200 metres of every race. The seats in this stand are primarily undercover. Roof: A partially covered standing area, with the Tommy Wallis Suite as its dedicated bar, this enclosure offers a unique vantage point over the racecourse and an ideal spot for viewing the exciting final few minutes of every race.

County Stand Roof Standing: With a birds-ey view directly over the winning post, you can see who first passed the post before anyone else. This standing enclosure is very popular with racegoers at Aintree, a beautiful uncovered roof area with traditional architecture and prime viewing.

Queen Mother Stand Seats: Located close to the start and finish lines and adjacent to the Red Rum Garden, the Queen Mother Stand is covered, protecting racegoers from the elements. Queen Mother Seats are accessed from the front of the grandstand.

Grandstand badges at Aintree provide designated tote betting within each enclosure, big screen viewing and access to the Parade Ring and Winner’s Enclosure. Queen Mother Stand Seats are also available with Winner’s Bar badges. The Winner’s Bar occupies the former Weighing Room, and its walls are covered with historical artefacts and tributes to legends at Aintree.

Roof standing: Located just yards past the finish line and close to where the horses enter the racecourse, the uncovered Queen Mother Stand Roof offers premium standing viewing of the course and is close to the Parade Ring and Winner’s Enclosure and not far from the Red Rum Garden.