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Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets 2024

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2024 at The Castle Esplanade From Friday, 2 August 2024 to Saturday, 24 August 2024

Buy now for this sell-out event & secure your seats! The Edinburgh Military Tattoo will take place over August with performances from Monday to Friday at 9.00 pm and on Saturday at 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm. There is no performance on Sunday.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is one of the most spectacular entertainment events in the World. Four continents play their part in this mammoth military event. Edinburgh Military Tattoo tickets always sell out. Buy with confidence with Tickets to See.

This military extravaganza is hosted at Edinburgh Castle which provides a stunning backdrop to this majestic event. Pomp, Ceremony, military precision, state-of-the-art lighting and pyrotechnics make this an event not to miss. Edinburgh Tattoo tickets are for reserved seats for this 90-minute spectacular. Musicians, pipers, drummers and singers culminate in the lone piper playing the close on the castle ramparts.

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2024 Dates &

From Friday, 2 August 2024 to Saturday, 24 August 2024

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Times

  • FRI 02 AUG 21:30
  • SAT 03 AUG 18:15
  • MON 05 AUG 21:30
  • TUE 06 AUG 21:30
  • WED 07 AUG 21:30
  • THU 08 AUG 21:30
  • FRI 09 AUG 18:15
  • FRI 09 AUG 21:30
  • SAT 10 AUG 18:15
  • SAT 10 AUG 21:30
  • MON 12 AUG 21:30
  • TUE 13 AUG 21:30
  • WED 14 AUG 21:30
  • THU 15 AUG 21:30
  • FRI 16 AUG 21:30
  • SAT 17 AUG 18:15
  • SAT 17 AUG 21:30
  • MON 19 AUG 21:30
  • TUE 20 AUG 21:30
  • WED 21 AUG 21:30
  • THU 22 AUG 21:30
  • FRI 23 AUG 21:30
  • SAT 24 AUG 18:15
  • SAT 24 AUG 21:30

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Experiences

Welcome to, where exclusivity meets passion. We understand that securing tickets to the world’s most sought-after events is more than a purchase—it’s an investment in unparalleled experiences that last a lifetime. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is one such spectacle, a dazzling display of military prowess, music, and cultural heritage set against the iconic backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.

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The Majesty of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Event Overview

Every August, the skies of Edinburgh are lit with the sound of bagpipes, drums, and the march of military bands. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a celebration of music, dance, and military precision, showcasing the talents of British and international military bands and performers. The event is a cornerstone of the Edinburgh Festival, drawing audiences from across the globe to witness a spectacle like no other.

Where is The Edinburgh Military Tattoo Held – Venue & Capacity

Held at the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, the venue offers a dramatic setting that adds to the grandeur of the event. With a seating capacity of over 8,000, each seat promises a view of the precision, pageantry, and splendor that the Tattoo is known for.

Tattoo Dates and Times

Scheduled annually in August, the event spans several nights, offering multiple opportunities to experience the spectacle. However, the popularity of the Tattoo means tickets are in high demand and often sell out quickly.

Why This Event Sells Out

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is not just an event; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Its unique blend of music, dance, and military tradition, set in one of the most breathtaking historic venues in the world, makes it a must-see. The limited run and seating capacity, combined with its global appeal, ensure that tickets are highly sought after, making early booking essential.

Securing Your Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets with

The Challenge of Hard-to-Get Tickets

Obtaining tickets to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo can be daunting, given its popularity and the rapid pace at which it sells out. But with, you can navigate this challenge with ease. Our expertise in securing hard-to-find tickets means you won’t miss out on this magnificent event.

Best Seating Locations

For the most immersive experience, we recommend seats that offer panoramic views of the Esplanade and the Castle. Blocks 12-16 provide exceptional views of the performances, ensuring you capture every moment of the spectacle.

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Highlights from Previous Military Tattoo Events

Each year, the Tattoo is themed to celebrate a particular aspect of military heritage and culture. Past highlights have included:

• The Massed Pipes and Drums: A stirring display of bagpipe and drumming prowess from military and civilian bands worldwide.
• The Lone Piper: A poignant moment of reflection as a lone piper plays from the Castle ramparts, a tradition that symbolizes the end of the evening’s performance.
• Performances by the Royal Navy: As the lead service in 2024, the Royal Navy will showcase the best of military precision and modern military music.

Choose for Your Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets

At, our mission is to provide access to extraordinary experiences. Our sophisticated, passionate approach to ticket brokering ensures that we meet the high expectations of our affluent clientele. When you choose us, you’re not just buying a ticket; you’re securing a passport to an unforgettable experience.

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From Friday, 2 August 2024 to Saturday, 24 August 2024