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The World Boxing Association is historically known as the first to award a World Boxing title in 1921. It is also known as the National Boxing Association.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk


Buy boxing tickets for major World titles at The O2 or Wembley. There are now Four major sanctioning bodies in professional boxing. The World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Organization all recognize each other’s rankings and title unification rules. They all sanction and regulate championship boxing.

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Seventeen weight divisions compete and a boxers weight must not exceed the upper limit of his respective division.The record for the boxer winning in most weight divions goes to Manny Pacquiao who has won world championships in 8 different weight classes. The Klitschko brothers won all five top titles in the heavyweight division and are the first brothers to hold different versions of the heavyweight championship at the same time.

The World Boxing Association was started in 1921 as the NBA but in 1962, the NBA became the WBA, its HQ is in Panama. The WBA rules that a champion boxer holds a title in one of the other three major boxing bodies in their weight class, they are given special recognition: The unified champion and is given more time between mandatory title defences.

The World Boxing Council started 1963 and established many safety measures in boxing, such as the standing 8 count,12 rounds limit instead of 15, and more weight classes. The WBC may choose an emeritus world champion in each weight class. Such a recognition is for life and is only bestowed upon the very best boxers.

The International Boxing Federation formed in 1976 to legitimize boxing in the USA with unbiased ratings.

The World Boxing Organization came in to force in 1988. The WBO Executive Choose a “Super Champion” and “WBO Super Champion” howevever the WBO championships are not recognized globally.