All Ireland Hurling Final Tickets 2024

Sunday 21 July 2024
Croke Park Jones' Rd, Drumcondra, Dublin 3

All Ireland Hurling Final tickets for 2024 are hard to find.

All Ireland Hurling Final Tickets
All Ireland Hurling Final Tickets

Croke Park Dublin. Sunday 21/7/2024, Getting your hands on great All Ireland Hurling Final Tickets, the best seats and incredible vantage points of the pitch can be extremely difficult. We make it Quick and easy!

The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final was listed in second place by CNN in its “10 sporting events you have to see live” after the Olympic Games and ahead of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Football Championship.

Unfortunately, tickets for the Senior Hurling final DO NOT go on general sale to the public, with the GAA distributing tickets only to county boards and Hurling Clubs across the country, with the two finalists getting the biggest allocations.

Each county then divides the tickets up between hurling clubs, and people who have Croke Park season tickets can buy a ticket if their county reaches the final.

Here’s what the GAA say about securing an All-Ireland final ticket: “In the event that your county reaches the GAA Championship Senior All-Ireland Final, The GAA Season ticket allows dedicated supporters access to an All-Ireland Final Ticket. Therefore, the only way to obtain the unobtainable tickets is to book with Ticketstosee.
✅Best Seats Available: Hogan, Cusack or Davin Stands
✅Exclusive Access: Jump the queues and bypass the box office
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The hurling final and the football final bring in millions of euros in revenue and is one of the biggest events in Irish sport. The final is watched by millions in Ireland and abroad and broadcast on television and radio worldwide.

In the heart of Dublin, there is a stadium called Croke Park. Every year, the stadium hosts the biggest event in the sport of hurling – the All-Ireland Hurling Final. For those who may not know, hurling is a sport that originated in Ireland and is played with a stick called a hurley and a ball called a sliotar. It is a fast-paced, high-intensity game that demands skill, speed, and agility. Fans from all over Ireland gather in Croke Park to witness the two best teams in Ireland battle it out for the ultimate prize. The atmosphere in the stadium is electric, with thousands of fans cheering on their respective teams.

But why is the All-Ireland Hurling Final so highly anticipated? It is because winning the All-Ireland title is the pinnacle of success in hurling. It is the ultimate achievement for any player, coach, or team. The AIH Final is a sporting event celebrating Irish culture and heritage. The crowd sings traditional Irish songs and dances jigs and reels, adding to the vibrant atmosphere in the stadium.

In the end, one team emerges victorious, basking in the glory of their triumph. The fans cheer, the players celebrate, and the All-Ireland Hurling Final ends, leaving memories that will last a lifetime. It is no wonder that the All-Ireland Hurling Final is so highly anticipated and loved by fans worldwide. Nothing beats being there. Book Croke Park tickets now online.

*Fixture dates and times are always subject to change. Your tickets cannot be refunded or cancelled if there is a change of date or time of the fixture.


Quantity Type Price Description
12 available
All Ireland Hurling Final 2024, Davin Stand Seats: Upper or Lower Tier Behind the Posts Sunday 21/7/2024 *TBC£795.00The Davin Stand, Upper or Lower Tier, is behind the posts, a great place to watch the action at the southern end of Croke Park. Where intensity reaches its zenith, this stand is close to the heart of the action. Feel the intensity of the tackles and the thrill of goals being scored. The Davin Stand is where legends are made and celebrated in the heat of the moment.
12 available
All Ireland Hurling Final 2024 Hogan or Cusack Stand Seats, Lower or Upper Tier Seats, Sun 21/7/2024 TBC£995.00Hogan (West Side) and Cusack (East Side) Stands are like the heart of Croke Park, where the passion for hurling runs deep. The best and most expensive seats are located along the side of the pitch. They offer a commanding view of the action. It's where the true aficionados of the hurling gather, appreciating every strike, block, and puck-out. Study the skills of the players up close, the finesse of stickwork and the artistry of scoring from here.

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    Try to obtain tickets from the official box office at Croke Park or The G.A.A. first. They are referred to as the primary ticket agents; in this instance, it is The G.A.A. and Ticketmaster Ireland.

    Getting AIHF tickets for this fabulous event can be tricky. A tombola/ballot system is employed by G.A.A. organisers, which involves Hurling Club members and players applying for tickets months in advance and selecting winners or deciding who to allocate tickets to through a random drawing or selection process.

    It’s a method used to allocate hard-to-get tickets or determine outcomes by chance reasonably. There is no guarantee of obtaining visas utilising this system, which often leaves hopefuls empty-handed due to high demand.

    However, if the tickets are sold out, hard to get, off-sale, or the box office website does not have what you require, proceed to order with us online; we can help.

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