How To Get Wimbledon Tickets 2020 Guide

How To Get Wimbledon Tickets 2020 Guide

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We Sell PREMIUM VIP Wimbledon Tickets on our site! Don’t Miss Out, secure yours Today! Call UK 0203 070 3997. If you are wondering how to get Wimbledon tickets for Wimbledon 2020 then this can often be tricky as demand for Wimbledon tickets is so high, and even more so during the latter stages of the tournament as there is a rush of people wanting to know how much are Wimbledon final tickets and how to get them.

It’s no surprise then that a common question people have is how much are centre court tickets at Wimbledon and how to apply for Wimbledon tickets to make sure you don’t miss this amazing event!

If you are an avid tennis fan and always wanted to secure your Wimbledon tennis tickets then you can do this on our website. We also cover a few other (less reliable) ways of getting tickets for Wimbledon below!

How To Get Wimbledon Tickets 2020: The Public Ballot

Wimbledon 2020 tickets provided in the public ballot are very hard to get because once you are entered into the ballot it does not automatically mean you are entitled to being in the winning draw. It’s basically like a lottery draw!

Furthermore, you don’t have the luxury of selecting which courts or matches you want to attend, because the day/match you are selected for is done automatically by a computer.

While this is not a lottery for a Β£10 million jackpot prize, the chances of winning are sometimes comparable!


If you would like to join the ballot you need to complete an application form and the ballot is drawn in February of this year.

If you are one of the lucky ones to be picked, then you will be informed in the post and then you will have to make the necessary payment.

How To Buy Wimbledon Tickets on the day?

Camp out and Queue for a Spot!

how to get wimbledon tickets without queuing
how to get wimbledon tickets without queuing

You can also try to buy tickets on the day, however, be sure to grab your sleeping bag as people will camp out overnight to try to be at the beginning of the queue in the hopes to get a ticket. After having to camp out overnight this will then be followed by queuing for hours. Again, just like with the Public Ballot, nothing is guaranteed!

So how much do Wimbledon tickets cost on the day? Depending on what you want, there are a very limited selection of Wimbledon centre court tickets on the day, and also No. 1 and No. 2 Court, so even if you do manage to get a ticket, it may not be the one you wanted.

How Do You Get Tickets for Wimbledon: The Easy Way!

How To Apply for Wimbledon Tickets?

So you may be wondering, how do I get tickets for Wimbledon with ease, and secure the best seats available?

Usually getting hold of debenture tickets, which are official Wimbledon tickets, for centre court and No. 1 courts is a challenging task. However, on our website, everything is a breeze!

On our site, you will find available tickets for the best seats you can get, with perfect views as well
as having exclusive access to the VIP lounge for debenture ticket holders only.

They are available for both the Centre Court or No. 1 court games. Seats like this are only available to
investors of Wimbledon. As a debenture ticket holder, you may also sell any extra seats you may have.
These are in fact the only Wimbledon tickets that can be resold legally, and as a result, they are very
hard to come by and therefore have a premium price attached to them.

When do Wimbledon tickets go on sale?

how to get Wimbledon tickets 2019
How to get Wimbledon tickets 2019

Wimbledon 2020 begins on 29th June 2020 (1st Monday) and ends on 12th July 2020 (Sunday). If you want Official Wimbledon tickets with the best seats and views, you can find these available now on our website here.

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