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Bayreuth Festival Tickets, Ring Cycle 2018

Purchasing Bayreuth Festival Tickets
Since the Bayreuth Festival reopened in 1951, Bayreuth Festival tickets have sold out year after year. Currently, there is a 10-year waiting list for tickets.

Long considered the embodiment of German high culture, Bayreuth's opera festival is the most famous Wagner festival in the World. 

Unless you know somebody on the inside, or you are a VIP, getting to the Wagner Festival at Bayreuth is going to take a few years, and it is going to demand a lot of determination, dedication and patience on your part. However, let us make your life easier! 

Book your Bayreuth Festival Tickets online or Call the opera team on (UK) 0203 070 3997 to enquire further

Richard Wagner Festival 2018 - Bayreuth performance schedule

Richard Wagner Festspiele 2018

25. July , 4 pmLohengrin 
26. July , 4 pm Parsifal 
27. July, 4 pm Tristan 
28. July, 4 pm Meistersinger 
29. July, 4 pm Lohengrin 
30. July, 6 pm Holländer 
31. July, 4 pm Walküre 
01. August, 4 pm Parsifal 
02. August, 4 pm Lohengrin 
03. August, 6 pm Holländer 
05. August, 4 pm Meistersinger 
06. August, 4 pm Lohengrin 
07. August, 6 pm Holländer 
08. August, 4 pm Parsifal 
10. August, 4 pm Lohengrin 
11. August, 4 pm Meistersinger 
12. August, 6 pm Holländer 
13. August, 4 pm Tristan 
14. August, 4 pm Parsifal 
16. August, 4 pm Tristan 
17. August, 4 pm Meistersinger 
18. August, 4 pm Walküre 
19. August, 4 pm Parsifal 
20. August, 4 pm Tristan 
21. August, 4 pm Meistersinger 
22. August, 6 pm Holländer 
24. August, 4 pm Tristan 
25. August, 4 pm Parsifal 
26. August, 6 pm Holländer
27. August, 4 pm Meistersinger 
28. August, 4 pm Tristan 
29. August, 4 pm Walküre 

About the Bayreuth Festival

The annual Bayreuth Festival in Bayreuth, Germany attracts visitors from all over the world. Richard Wagner's works are performed in the Festspielhaus, which was specially built for this purpose. Bayreuth Festival Tickets sell out every year and are impossible to get without the right contacts. Wagner himself masterminded the idea of the Bayreuth Festival, the first annual music festival, and the predecessor to modern music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Boneroo.

The driving force behind the composer's vision for the Festival was the ability to perform his operas in a perfectly ideal situation, according to Wagner's own standards. To reach this end he chose the site at Bayreuth for its beauty, and for its location away from the distractions and hassles of large cities. Wagner personally supervised the design and construction of his theatre, the Festspielhaus, which indeed contained many innovations on theatres of the day. These innovations were conceived by Wagner and his designers to serve specific roles in Wagner's own works, most notably the Ring Cycle and Parsifal.