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Buy Hamlet Tickets, Glyndebourne 2017

Hamlet Tickets, Glyndebourne Festival 2017

Brett Dean

A story of betrayal, revenge and madness

To be, or not to be. This is Hamlet’s dilemma, and the essence of Shakespeare’s most famous and arguably greatest work, given new life in operatic form in this original Glyndebourne commission.

Thoughts of murder and revenge drive Hamlet when he learns that it was his uncle Claudius who killed his father, the King of Denmark, then seized his father’s crown and wife.

But Hamlet’s vengeance vies with the question: is suicide a morally valid deed in an unbearably painful world?

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Date Start Long interval Finish
Sun 11 June 4.45pm 6.00pm 8.25pm
Tue 13 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm
Sat 17 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm
Wed 21 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm
Sat 24 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm
Tue 27 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm
Fri 30 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm


Date Start Long interval Finish
Thu 6 July 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm